SEO the final word

One of my clients has asked me about another company who have promised to make them the front page of google in 3 months for certain keywords, but they aren't sure what keywords. They want to know if this is reasonable!

Doing SEO for someone is like training a sports team.

Lets say a football team.

So I’m guessing that the SEO guy is promising that the client’s team is gonna be in the top ten, the premiership, in 3 months.

rather than on page 8 which is like division 3.

There are heaps of different leagues though, each set of keywords is a different league. So the SEO guy is telling them that for a random league (your client doesn’t know the search terms) he’s gonna be in the top 10 (The first page of google).

I could make the client page 1 (top 10) on google for “siudduwehdjsk” that is a word i made up, so no one else will use it. Its really easy, I just add the word to the client’s site. Infact, google that word now, and I should be top of the list.... Go on!

However if i was wanting to make the client top 10 for “car rental”, that would be a major challenge, because heaps of other companies want to be top of the same league, and they all have their own sports team, trying to make sure they are top of the list.

So promising the client they will be top 10 for tough keywords in 3 months, is like taking a gamble. They don’t actually know if they can do it. They can only try really hard (hopefully they aren't just taking your money and doing nothing).

It sounds like the SEO guys are in the business of making random promises. It could be possible they can get the client onto the top 10 for tough keywords, but they can't be sure. Either that or the keywords that the client will be top 10 for are totally underwhelming, like the word I made up.