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31st May 2014

NZSki Snowmaking Report

Interactive Report, Fast loading, Responsive

The NZSki snowmaking report application receives XML export data from the snowgun main controller and adds this information to its own local database.

The Snowmaker Report then quieries its own database to build a report of the Snowmaking done on Coronet peak over the last 24 hours in 15 minute increments.

The snowmaker report has 3 enableable sections:

  • Snowmaker status, each individual snowmaker’s status grey/green will be displayed for each 15 minute interval
  • The temperature of 3 snowguns will be used to display the change in temperature for each 15 minute interval
  • The ski runs, a layer containing the ski runs as an overlay.

The snowmaker report has a slider which allows the user to go back in time over 24 hours and comprehensively see which snowmakers have been active for each 15 minute interval. They can also see the temperature at each level over the 24 hours.

The snowmaker report is responsive and will work across a variety of device sizes.

To see the report, click on the Coronet Peak page and scroll down!


  • Silverstripe
  • XML Parser
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Mobile

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