Silverstripe Development

PHP5 and MySQL development to a high quality. Forward thinking and pro-active, I provide initiative and expert development over many areas.

However, when using Wordpress often many compromises must be made, in terms of usability and functions, because the trade-off of having a website quickly up and running, is that we must accept the features and functions of the plugins and code already made for us.

Where I come in is to build something robust and easy to use, that you can update and manage all the content without having a cluttered and confusing administration system. I can also tailor make all the functionality and have it looking exactly as is required.

Web Systems Architecture and Planning

Planning and  architecture and model for a web application. Often a bit of care and consideration at the beginning of a project can allow for an extensible and flexible system that is future proof. While programming I always use my knowledge of systems architecture to encompass the ability to extend the system in the future.

Web Application Performance Analysis and Improvements

Large multi-user cloud based web applications can over time, develop performance issues, and this can have a detrimental effect on user experience with long page loading times, and slow response. Through using tools such as code profilers and analysis of MySQL queries I am able to spot bottlenecks and improve performance of your existing web applications.

Payment Gateway Development and Integration

Payment gateways all have their own way of integrating into the application, I have extensive knowledge of integrating various payment gateways into different web applications.

For payment methods such as;

  • Paypal
  • DPS Payments
  • Polipay
  • Bitcoin

Third party API integration

Often the value of the application is in its ability to communicate with other systems through use of external APIs. Such examples include Facebook's API, the Youtube API and Vimeo API. Allowing user made content and videos to be pushed to these services.